Lun'air is a virtual airline, managed by aeronautical enthusiasts who have a solid experience in the domain for several years.

Come fly, enjoy with us all over the world, record your flights made with your favorite simulator (X-Plane, P3D, Flight Simulator 2020...), via our ACARS available in the pilot area. You will be able to analyze each of your flights with many statistics available through our new website. Feel free to join our Discord to come and share this experience with us.

Periodically, group flights are organised, to carry out challenges or enjoy beautiful destinations.

Interested by joining us, go to the registration form.


Different types of flights

With our new flight planning system, you have the choice between free flights and scheduled flights, with various constraints are imposed on you such as the time slot, or the choice of aircraft. Due to this improvement, you are able to plan your flight yourself, with the choice of your aircraft and your destinations. Finally, the Lun'Air company has several tours that you can do as you wish.

Up to date ACARS

The virtual company has acquired a brand new ACARS (Tracking Software) which aims to be as close as possible to reality. The latter uses various rules to be able to accept your flight. In this tool, you will be able to retrieve your Simbrief plan or see your route live, check where you touched the wheels, the touchdown rate...

SimBrief Integration

With our pilots and our experience, we have configured each aircraft so that the weight of passengers, luggage, and the limits defined by the manufacturers are respected when creating your flight. Just select your add-on, generate your flight plan, and enjoy your flight.

Detailed flight reports

Our virtual airline has detailed flight reports with an history, which includes the main graphs, events that have occurred on your flight, such as your vertical profile, your route or financial information related to your virtual account.

Approach Statistics

With the StableApproach PlugIn (available here) provided for the XPlane simulator, you benefit from more statistics on your approach, to stick to reality.

Various destinations

The spectrum of our different airline branches offers you a variety of destinations across the earth, departing from our different hubs.

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